Cupar Golf Club - Junior Secton 

We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all young people to learn to play golf, gain knowledge of the rules and etiquette of the game, at the same time promoting sportsmanship.  Cupar Golf Club will endeavour to provide juniors with the right environment for them to achieve their potential at whatever level is right for them.  Information on the junior section can be found at the bottom of this page.


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2023 Fixtures


Sunday 26 March - Season opening match

Sunday 2 April - Club Open day

Sunday 9 April - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 30 April - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 14 May - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 18 June - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 25 June - Junior Par 3 competition at Cupar

Wednesday 28 June - Junior Skills Challenge

Sunday 9 July - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 23 July - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 13 August - Grant Cup - Junior and adult competition

Sunday 20 August -  4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 27 August -  4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 3 September - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 24 Sept - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 8 October - 4 & 9 hole competitions

Sunday 29 October - End of season event and prizegiving



Sunday 28 May - Outing to Wellsgreen Golf Centre

Saturday 9 Sept - Outing to Balgove, St Andrews



Cupar – Sunday 23 April 2023

Scotscraig – Sunday 14 May 2023

Balbirnie Park – Sunday 2 July 2023

Dunniker Park -  Sunday 20 August 2023

Falkland – Sunday 27 August 2023


Junior competition rules & arrangements


  • Juniors must enter the competition via the BRS booking system.
  • There will be reserved tee times solely for junior members but play out with these times is also permitted.
  • Group sizes may vary from single (accompanied by an adult) to 4 ball.
  • Entry fee (£1) should be paid before play.
  • Entry fee and completed scorecards should be placed in envelope and put in box in clubhouse hallway.

Local Junior Rules

Competitions take place in accordance with the standard ruIes of golf with some amendments to help junior in their progression which are noted below.

The following applies to all players –  Balls Lost or Out of Bounds: in cases of lost ball or balls out of bounds players may drop the ball in the vicinity of where the ball is lost or gone out of bounds (including the nearest fairway area) by taking a two-stroke penalty.  This is an alternative to the stroke and distance penalty and has been adopted as local rule only for junior 4 and 9 hole competitions by the committee.  It does not apply to any other club competitions.


4 Holes

Competitions will take place over holes 1 to 4.  However, to help players get as much enjoyment as possible, the following modified rules will apply -

  1. Play off red tees
  2. Fresh air shots are counted but only up to a maximum of 3 fresh air shots per hole.
  3. Bunkers - when a ball lands in a bunker, players have the following 2 options –
  1. Continue to play and taking a maximum of 3 attempts out of the bunker.

If after 3 shots, the ball is still in the bunker, the player must lift the ball and drop the ball outside of the bunker.  Lifting and dropping is scored as one penalty stroke; or

  1. The player can immediately decide not to play out of the bunker and for a total of two penalty strokes, take back-on-the-line relief outside the bunker as permitted under rule 19.3b of the rules of golf.
  1. A maximum of 25 shots on any hole. If that limit is reached before completing the hole, the ball should be picked up and ‘25’ marked on the card.
  2. Each group should, where possible, have at least 1 adult accompanying the players. Adults should help players with golf etiquette (replacing divots, raking bunkers) and helping keep score.  If this is not possible please let the Junior Convenor know and playing groups can be re-arranged accordingly.
  3. After one compe
  4. titive round, a player will receive their local 4 hole handicap. After each round, handicaps will be adjusted accordingly - handicaps will only be reduced.
  5. Once players has scored less than 24 or less for 4 holes (scratch) then they should begin to play in the 9 hole format.


9 holes

  1. Players have the option to play either
  1. 9 hole beginner format - holes 1 to 4 twice and the 9th; or
  2. 9 hole advanced format - holes 1 to 9 as per course layout
  1. Players must declare their chosen format before commencing play.
  2. Play off red tees.
  3. Fresh air shots and bunkers should be treated in accordance with the rules of golf.
  4. A maximum of 20 shots on any hole. If that limit is reached before completing the hole, the ball should be picked up and ‘20” marked on the card.
  5. Adults are encouraged to accompany players, but this is not compulsory.
  6. After one competitive round a player will receive their local 9 hole handicap. After each round, handicaps will be adjusted accordingly - handicaps will only be reduced.
  7. Players can progress to WHS handicaps once ready following discussions with Junior Convenor(s)/Club Match Secretary
  8. Juniors with WHS handicaps may play in the 9 hole advanced format competitions but are not eligible for the handicap prizes and these competitions are non-counting for purposes of WHS.


The Junior Section



Junior Convenor

Cameron Little

Contact: admin@cupargolf.co.uk 


Junior Section

We have a growing junior section with a tradition of providing a friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment for girls and boys to learn and play golf. Our aim is that juniors enjoy their golf, but most of all enjoy being a part of Cupar Golf Club.  The aim of the junior section is to provide a fun environment to experience golf, to give juniors the opportunity to progress to their potential and to equip them with golf skills that can be used and enjoyed for the rest of their lives.

We recognise the importance of juniors in the continuous lifecycle of the club.  We therefore place a great deal of importance in the structure, development and the organisation of the junior section. The junior section is led by the junior convenor with support from parents and committee members.


New members

We welcome juniors of all abilities; from absolute beginners to more accomplished players. As part of the membership, juniors receive structured lessons from a PGA professional.  New members are welcomed throughout the year.

Membership is £58 for under 16s and £68 for 16 and 17 year olds; age qualification is taken as at 1 January and the membership includes the junior package comprising of lessons, unlimited golf and organised outings.



The junior section receive lessons from a PGA professional at St Andrews Indoor Golf Centre.



Competitions take place on various Sunday afternoons throughout the summer season.  These comprise of 4 holes for new and younger players before progression to the 9 hole beginner or 9 hole advanced format.  We arrange handicaps so young players can measure their improvement and everyone has a chance of picking up a prize.  On occasions, different golf formats such as team or pairs golf will take place to allow junior to expand their golf experience.

Adults are encouraged to accompany young children to help them on their way round.  Those adults with golfing knowledge are encouraged to advise about golf etiquette and rules information to our junior members.




GolfSixes is an exciting initiative introduced in 2020 by Scottish Golf to allow young players without handicaps or a handicap of more than 36 to participate in “friendly” inter club matches. The junior section competes in the Fife C GolfSixes league and were crowned winners in 2022 and finished joint fourth in the East regional final.

The club participates in the 2023 GolfSixes along with a total of 134 clubs across 26 different leagues in Scotland.


Junior Welfare

The junior section adheres to the principles of the club’s safeguarding policy; details of which are available in the clubhouse. The clubs safeguarding officer is Cameron Little.

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